So what is STSR?

We are an online sim racing community that uses the FRM Super Touring: Evolution mod for the PC game GTR2 (available on steam for £4.99). The game originally released in 2005 is very accessible to those who maybe do not have a high budget computer build, this game works well on almost any modern PC/Laptop. So if you have never sim raced on PC before this is an excellent game to start on.

What's planned?

​ Kicking off on Monday the 7th of October we will be running our own version of the 1991 British Touring Car Championship over 31 Rounds across 12 race meetings every Monday at 8PM GMT. With each new season we will move ahead one year in the BTCC ending with the 1999 BTCC. Each season will see a different combination of tracks, track configurations and race formats.

How do I join?

To apply to race in the STSR, please sign up for the forum and follow the steps in the Driver Application section

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